Customer Reviews

Mr Chisholm

The service was organised promptly & carried out within a week of the call.
It was a 40K service & it was carried out within the 3.5 hours allotted & returned to me washed & hovered.
I am not from Cupar so I decided to walk into the town centre when I dropped the STI off. I was offered a lift into town by the service team. Very thoughtful.

Mr Redman

The WRX STi is a welcome antidote to grey, corporate uniformity. The car foregoes pointless gadgets in favour of superb engine, transmission, chassis and suspension engineering, delivering characterful, exciting driving accompanied by a glorious noise. Styling might not be to everybodys tastes but performance Subarus inspire passion and encourage long term marque loyalty. The only regret I have regarding my last four years of BMW ownership is that I didn't follow my first Impreza with a second and third instead! Put the driving experience at the core of your decision making process. Enjoy some unconventional thrills and stand out from the crowd!

Mr Mackay

I have recently purchased the new wrx sti in metallic grey 
This is not my first Subaru
Let’s get back to the new model 
Well where do I start 
I’ll start with the pros 
Better sound proofing than previous models upgraded quality of dash and interior in general 
Half leather half alcantara seats 
Nice grip flat bottom leather steering wheel 
Bucket seats and adjustable restraints just right in means of support and comfort 
Car handles like a dream with much stiffer chassis turns in at a split seconds notice 
Nice big 18” alloys with decent Dunlop tyres as standard 
The infotainment system is very easy to navigate through with the touch screen setup and using the steering stalk 

Now for the cons 

We will start exterior 
The car has to have lights on permenantly which in this instance is the fog lights (hate it) 
Brakes although they are Brembos all round they are very soft and fade after a short time of harsh driving 
Electric fold mirrors are not automatic to fold in or out you must remember to push the button on the armrest 
Window tints are not dark enough 
Car needs to be lowered but that’s aesthetics 
Exhaust sounds pathetic (not traditional barble)
Handbrake is in the most ridiculous place you can imagine crammed right into the drivers left leg in the centre console so it irritates you and you rub into the leg 
Handbrake again does not have the typical leather gaiter with red piping like the gear stick gaiter,handbrake has cheap fake tacky plastic gaiter with dark blue piping no idea why it doesn’t match interior of any part of the car 
The si drive is obsolete/pointless the car keeps resetting as it states back to the previous setting which is pointless. I have never stalled a car as many times as I have this one purely because of throttle response due to the si drive 
The car has a reasonable power band being 300bhp but in this day in age it should be sitting around 350bhp and prob same in the torque if not more lb ft to compete with it’s rivals being the focus rs which for couple grand more has a fantastic power for standard 350bhp 

Overall the car is good but with a few factory tweaks I think think it would be the best in its class for performance looks and value for money 
Thanks for taking the time to read my review of the new wrx sti 2017 

Mr Bebbington

I have been driving for 40 year. I have had many different makes and stiles of cars, old and nearly new. In 2006 i bought my first Subaru, it was a 03 reg. 
This Subaru had a prodrive system on it (276 bhp). It was Fast and furius the best car i have ever owned.  Three year later i had to sell it (i did not want to).
I had a few cheap cars but always new i would get another Subaru. In 2013 i bought my second Subaru (230 bhp no prodrive on this one). it not as good as my last Subaru but i have still been over the moon with it. Both my Subarus have never let me down in the 6 years that i have owned a Subaru. I am now looking for my next Subaru STI, it will have to be about 4 year old. Age does not matter with a Subaru, they still work as good as a new one and put the biggest smile on your face and your passengers.

Mr Goodall

The car is a delight to drive and brings a smile t o my face every time i drive it.

Mr East

I have owned and leased as a Company car 14 variations of the Impreza, Wrx Sti and sport versions from 1999 to date, having owned an RB320, Sti, a special yellow sport version, the Sti hatch back and the WRX hatch back, I currently run a 2007 WRX Hawkeye and a 2017 WRX Sti the cars are amazing both in 1999 and now, I have tried other brands such as BMW and Mazda and others but for drivers appeal, bringing a smile to my driving they are such a thrill to drive, the servicing by the Subaru franchise is excellent I would recommend the cars to you.

Mr Hammersley

I find my Subaru reliable and exciting to drive 

Mr Jackson

I have recently purchased a WRX STI Final Edition and I am over the moon with it, especially coming from a 241bhp Fiesta ST.

The car is an absolute delight to drive (even slowly) and feels so much more refined, looking at similar cars within the price bracket and performance, none of them satisfied me quite like the Subaru does. 

Very easy buying and selling process and we need more Subaru dealers around the country, and more high performance Subaru cars, sad to see the end of the WRX STI in Europe, but they have certainly gone out with a bang! 

Mr Clayton

As an owner of 6 previous Subaru Imprezas my brand new Pure Red Subaru Imprezas Wrx Sti is simply awesome it ticks everybox my 320r 2010 model did plus many many more. The first trip running in involved a steady trip to Birmingham which returned a 38.3mpg, it's quite and refined and feels a lot better put together than previous models. This is the car that Subaru should of made back in 2010. It handles superb it's quick when it has to be and Subaru have given the car the iconic exhaust noise. The only one thing that has caused me issues is mirrorlink doesn't work and the car does not come with satnav which to me is a bit of a lot down. But can be forgivenas I believe I can get it retrofitted by Subaru. Well done Subaru a cracking car that gives modern  motoring and cars a bit of excitement with a definite nod to the hay day of Subarus world rally championship winning cars

Mr Lankford

We have had five Subaru cars, all breezing through 100K Miles.  As we are high mileage drivers with work and often need 4WD the capabilities are used and appreciated. The special thing about Subaru is its designed right hand drive and there are no compromises on driver positioning or control location. 

Mr Fordy

I currently own 3 Subaru Imprezas. I run 2 Subaru clubs, SOC-UK and High Peak Subarus. I would highly recommend any of the Subaru range. The service is second to none, and the quality is unrivaled. I run the clubs for old and new models because I believe in the brand and understand the quality it takes to build a car that lasts. Thank you Subaru.

Mr Rowe

I absolutely love my Subaru Cs 400  & it is extremely important to me that my car comes back to me in the condition it came to you in & I have had some very bad experiences with this .

Mr Edwards

My 2016 WRX STi is everything I expected it to be and more. Yes it's under powered compared to its competition, like the Ford Focus RS. But it's performance still takes my breath away. The ride could be better, but it's never uncomfortable. I've driven many cars in my life but never has a car put such a big smile on my face every time I drive it. It's practical enough for my family of five and has plenty of kit as standard. Just waiting for my three year warranty to end and then I'll be getting a performance remap, to make keep up with its rivals. I'm a member of the sidc (subaru international drivers club) and with over 20k members, I don't know anyone who has kept their subaru standard. They are great, reliable cars and I will continue to buy Subaru. If only Subaru would reintroduce their prodrive performance pack 340bhp for this model. A trick I feel are missing out on, as the competition is getting faster and bigger.

Mr Ransom


Mr Dixon

Great car, superb handling whatever the weather, this is the fourth Subaru we have owned and they have all be totally reliable and confidence inspiring.

Mr Mackay

Well where do I start 
I have had many Subarus in the past from bugeye to hawk eye but never the hatchback as this I cannot be classed  as a true sti. I have recently purchased the new wrx sti (17 plate) in beautiful metallic grey. This is by far the best handling sti I have driven from a standard setup,stiffer chassis,quicker responding steering,lovely mod cons with the starlink infotainment system,speaker sound is average ,interior seats are top quality suede and leather,but as per usual the plastic dash and trim still feels and looks cheap. There is little bits of fake carbon fibre trim. All controls are easily accessible and easy to use. Above all the car is 9.5 out of 10 for handling. 
Acceleration is exceptional due to the high torque rating the car comes with 

Now the bad points 

As stated trim is dated still feels really cheap and tacky
Brakes for being apparent brembos overheat quickly especially with a little hard driving (what car is designed to do )
Day light running lights are on perminately which is annoying as there should be a switch to turn off 
Alloys look a bit small in the arches (18")
Car doesn't have built in wifi 
Doesn't have upgraded trim options you have to stick with the red piping and dashlights 
Seats aren't electric or have any lumbar support so long journeys are uncomfortable 
Door mirrors are electric and are folding but you have to press a button to technically manually fold the mirrors,this should be linked to the ignition so the mirrors open and close when ignition is on or off 
No rear armrest as seats are now a 60-40 split folding 
Interior is 6 out of 10 but only a six because the seats are quality and they boost the rating for the interior 

I do recommend the car as it does exactly as it says on the tin 


Mr Saggers

Amazing car, everything I could ever want from a car. Fantastic to use everyday endless amounts of grip and a pleasure to use in wet or greasy conditions. I always look forward to driving it.

Mr Todd

That's me had my Subaru WRX STI for a year now and just over 10000 miles.  To say I love this car is an understatement, it handles so well and now that the engine is beginning to slacken off, plus it has had its 1st main service, the fuel consumption is regularly over the 30s mpg.  There has been no problems with this car at all, still feels like new.   The only let down is the so called infotainment system.  Subaru have missed a great chance with this item.  There should be more apps, a better sound system and why put apps on that don't work for example mirrorlink!!!  As there is no satnav why not add google maps to the system.  Anyway the car is also very useful for family drives as the boot is larger than I had expected and all seats can accommodate adults of all sizes.  Best of all is the sound from the engine, only Subaru can produce such a distinctive sound.  What else can I say the car has a lovely uniqueness about it and still makes me smile every day I drive it.

Mr Mulholland

Allways like subarus when i finally purchased one wow . Never drove anything like it and ive been driving 35 years . The handling and power of this car is out of this world . Puts a huge smile on my face every time . ❤️

Mr McIntyre

It's awesome